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Sant Just Fever

Police web series of the 80s recorded in Sant Just Desvern and starring its neighbours. It was financed through a crowdfunding campaign and produced thanks to the efforts of a small team. The dissemination of the campaign and the project was done through social media, creating relevant digital content with retro aesthetics.

Brand: Sant Just Fever
Agency: Mun Films
Year: 2019

Director: Pau Ardèvol
Assistant director: Sofia Arkwright
Producer: Caterina Cladera
Production Assistants: Eloi Trullàs & Olga Àlvarez
Camera Assistant: Jan Nebot
Runner: Dani Bastidas
Art Director: Nerea Zuriguel
Edit: Gonzalo Rielo
Motion Graphics: Eloi Muñoz
Costume Designer: Aroa Rey
Ajudant de vestuari: Idoya Zuriguel i Alicia Costa
VFX: Animation Box
Script: Pau Ardèvol & Xavi Roldan


Sant Just Fever is a police web series set in the 80s that was born in 2014 and is starred by the neighbours of Sant Just Desvern. This project, initiative of the production company Mun Films, revolves around the resolution of a crisis of coexistence in the village. Violence, drugs and a large dose of humour are the main ingredients of this web series that consists of six episodes of 10 minutes each. It is an inclusive and participative project that has been able to see the light thanks to the funds raised in a crowdfunding campaign (10,950€) and to the neighbours, who contributed with clothing, atrezzo and, the most important, their time. More than 450 people have been involved in this project, including sponsors, actors and technical staff, which has caused this series to be known as “La sèrie de Sant Just Desvern” (The Sant Just series)

The project is currently in post-production and it’s seeking for exhibition platforms that can help publicizing the initiative.

Shooting days


What makes the Sant Just series great is how it has been done and by who.

21 shooting days in more than 40 locations with more than 200 actors put together in this making of.


In order to reach the goal that we set at Verkami we came up with a series of retro merchandising: shirts, posters, VHS, cassettes with the soundtrack, tote bags…

If you are a real Fever-fan, you do need this super pack.